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We produce stills, animations and simulations to a high professional standard. They prove of valuable support in promoting sales or making presentations.

We bring your machines to life on the computer – even before the first turn of the screw. Powerful high-end processors render your visualisations to the tiniest detail.

Be impressed by details of future machines that are still in the planning stage:
3D animation for plant and machinery construction has proved a valuable tool in illustrating the way products work and in focusing on special details, particularly for presentations at trade fairs.

Augmented Reality for machinery construction

Using simple control systems, interactive 3D presentation allows intervening in processes or integrating additional information. 3D simulation has also proved its worth as a useful tool of implementation for training purposes.

3D virtual reality environments open up nearly unlimited horizons – not only for plant and machinery construction. They allow exploring content actively and in impressive ways. By enhancing live images with 3D content (augmented reality), plants can comfortably be explored in a virtual environment, allowing us to venture into ever greater detail.

Applications: presentations for sales, distribution and training purposes, maintenance instructions, technical documentation, simulation etc.

Vivid images
for professional presentations

We all know that a picture is worth a thousand words. This is also true for representation or 3D visualisation of machines or plants, especially if they are used for sales purposes.

More and more often, product folders are printed and distributed to potential clients at a time when machines or products have not yet been finished. 3D renderings are a perfect addition to any type of product catalogue, promoting product sales along with promotion by printed media such as posters or information brochures.

Applications: marketing and sales, technical applications (data sheets) etc.

Three-dimensional animation for attractive visualisation

3D animation is perfectly suited for vivid, compelling presentation of a variety of product processes. Animations can be realised in different degrees of detail according to client specifications – as a combination of fly-through animation and process animation, for example.

Applications: marketing & sales, trade fair presentation, sales support, product training, development, prototype visualisation etc.

Realistic simulation for complex training requirements

Known as a training tool primarily used by the aviation industry, realistic simulators have proved their worth and become good practice also in many other applications in the form of a reality/virtual reality mix – for machine building, for example.

Last, but not least, this innovative option excels by its modular structure and enormous savings in costs as it enables non-destructive training of multiple activities and different scenarios everywhere in a hands-on, quasi-real environment.

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