Benefit from our technical expertise

Trust our decades of experience and competence in human resources.
We support or manage the entire process of recruiting highly skilled technical staff.

They are graduates from secondary technical schools (HTL), advanced technical colleges (FH) and universities, or specialists with a track record of professional experience.

As a provider of services in human resources, our industry focus is on mechanical/plant engineering & automotive.

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Flexible technical staff for quality project management

The skills of our competent technical staff with expertise in development, design, calculation, simulation, testing, experimentation, project management, 3D visualisation and graphic design can be integrated into your local engineering team at any time you may require – be it for a single project or long-term transfer of knowledge. This makes innovation predictable and staff shortages manageable – quickly and easily.

Excellent educated ENOVA employees makes the insourcing option an ideal solution for all companies, that daily dispute with consistent further development, and place greatest value on highest quality.

The experience and excellent knowledge of our specialists, allow immediate integration in the project teams on site.

ENOVA specialists can boost your project teams

Our focus as personnel service provider is on the following technical domains: plant construction and engineering, mechatronics, automotive, electrical engineering, software development, graphic desing and visualization

Ing. Markus Riedl, MBA

Gesellschafter & Geschäftsführer

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Ing. Karl Rockenschaub

Gesellschafter & Geschäftsführer

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Our Know-how for your ideas –
direct on site.

Technical personnel service provider in the field of automotive, machine and plant construction and engineering,  for flexible and qualitative project execution.

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