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New dimensions in engineering & workforce

construction & planning
3D renderings & simulation
engineering staff

Specialised teams with more than 30 members are in charge of the construction of engines and facilities at our state-of-the-art CAD work stations in our modern design office. Read more …

For the ideal embodiment of your projects, we create three-dimensional visualisations and real-time applications in our medialab, perfectly matched to your presentation hardware. Read more

More than 100 highly skilled engineers – graduates from Federal Secondary College of Engineering and university – add to our clients’ project teams in varying fields of activity on the ground. Read more …

Project planning, visualising & manpower

Industrial intelligence for
engineering projects

ENOVA, located in St. Florian near Linz (Upper Austria), pursues the goal of actively shaping the future of machines, plants and automotive with innovative engineering.

Since its founding in the early 1970s, ENOVA has intensively engaged itself in the supervision and realisation of a wide range of projects, from the initial design and extensive planning to the point of design ready for construction. Due to the close contact with our customers, awarding authorities and suppliers, we manage to implement custom-made projects in the fields of mechanical engineering and plant construction as well as special purpose machines and automotive.

Engineering is our great strength, resulting from our staff’s high quality and our widespread expertise.

Making engineering 
visions visible

Our ENOVA medialab expertly visualises your ideas and products impressively for everyone by creating static 3D perspectives, moving 3D animations or realistic virtual reality environments. Thus, engines, processing stages and whole production lines can be depicted right down to the smallest detail in a photo-realistic quality, even before their completion. Complex units or large-scale plants, which cannot be captured or depicted sufficiently due to their great dimensions, can be shown to advantage. Moreover, our 3D simulators provide cost-saving, realistic and effective support for trainings and courses of instruction.

Entirely new possibilities open up due to the application of virtual reality and augmented reality.

Appealing jobs for
engineers – staff insourcing

By reinforcing your project team, our excellently trained and highly skilled graduates from Federal Secondary College of Engineering and university help you bypass times of staff shortage and master peak times without the troublesome search for employees.

Thanks to our specialists’ reputable education and experience, especially in all up-to-date CAD tools, our more than 100 experts support the customer’s teams as fully-fledged staff members and initiate an active participation straightaway, being able to take over sophisticated design engineering tasks.

If highest quality and consistent development are part of your business philosophy as well, insourcing by ENOVA may present an interesting way of finding eligible support for your team.